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AustinMUD was Denmark's oldest MUD. In recent years, AustinMUD been substantially depopulated due to a combination of improved graphical games offer such. World of Warcraft, as well as play the run as a result of the administration's highly unpopular measures in areas where players felt they should have control. Muden still has a loyal fan base among the old users although rarely are many players find the server at the same time.

AustinMUD was started at the Computer Science Department at Aarhus University (DAIMI) in 1991 by a group of students who made it to the base which is known as DIKU (Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen) after the place where it was made​​, where it stayed for a few years. Since moved it over to the other side of campus to the Department of Information and Media Studies (IMV).

Since it has been moved to a machine with PRG at DTU and has now finally found its way to a private server outside the university level. Development and expansion are now carried out exclusively by the users and Muden still growing albeit very slowly compared to earlier times.

29th December 2009 had AustinMUD 38 active characters on the server, which was the highest number in 2009.

On 14 December 2005 AustinMUD come up and running again via and can connectes using Telnet 4000

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