To tell you a little about the MUD:

  • The Mud base is NakedMud; all game content has been written from scratch.
  • We have a detailed crafting and trading system. All equipment outside of the newbie zone, mundane and magical, is player made.
  • Powerful magical items can take days, or even weeks, to create and require collaboration by multiple crafters, each with specialization in their own unique area of crafting.
  • Combat is manual, using an action point system. It is fast-paced, and often requires you to react to and anticipate your opponent's moves.
  • We are a classless, levelless mud that offers an indepth player customization process. Advancement is through the acquisition of magical items and character 'traits' that provide modifications to how you fight.
  • You can rechoose your combat skills any time you are in town; experimenting with different skills and weapon combinations is encouraged.
  • We offer a large, rich 80,000 room wilderness with overhead map that encourages exploration. Special resources, treasures, and dungeons can be found randomly spawned throughout the land.
  • Competitive prestige items will be available to players who win weekly tournaments in areas of monster hunting, treasure finding, and PvP. These items decay after a week, and must be won back at the next tournament.
  • Players are encouraged to submit crafting and moster ideas according to our design guidelines. Ideas that become implemented are rewarded with experience and copies of the submitted recipes.

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