EverQuest by Sony Online Entertainment was a popular MMORPG in the late 90s and early 2000s.  

Controversy over DikuMUD Edit

In 1999, after Sony's Bernie Yee made a talk to students at NYU during the RE:Play gaming convention, Herbert E Gilliland III under his pseudonym posted to the MUD-Dev mailing list his thoughts on the interaction. Raph Koster responded.

Following this, the DikuMUD team, through their attorney, attempted to put pressure on Sony regarding source code contents of EverQuest, resulting in Sony releasing a statement that no DikuMUD code was a part of their game.

Confessions of a MUD Creator - Renegade Outpost DIKU MUD27:11

Confessions of a MUD Creator - Renegade Outpost DIKU MUD

darkhosis @ YouTube writes: One of the first places I started my gaming career was back in 1991 at the University of Texas at Austin. My best friend from, 7th grade, and I created a game in college that still exists today.

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