Title screen of Forgetown MUSH captured by [1]

Forgetown MUSH is a PennMUSH in a dark fantasy setting.

From their website: Talk is the lifeblood of the downhive. Guilders spread the word of lucky finds, new tunnels and ore strikes out in the badzones. In the drinking holes of Forgetown, Broken Stone and a dozen other settlements, the latest rumours and discoveries dominate the conversation. When news is thin, the talk turns to old news. In the Underhive a man's fame lasts as long as there are men to tell his story and others who'll gather to listen and drink. The old stories, the really old stories are part of the legend of the Underhive. Told and retold countless times, it's hard to say where fact and fable meet, which tales are true and which are merely stories..

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