Haunt was a text-based adventure game inspired by the original Adventure developed in the 1970s. The plot of the game was to explore a haunted mansion, solve various puzzles and find treasures, and then escape the house.[1] The game was noted for its "weird" humor or style by some.[2][3][4]

The development of Haunt was started by John E. Laird at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) circa 1979[5].[1] The game was originally written in OPS4, a rule-based programming language developed at CMU, and was apparently only available on the PDP-10 computers.[1][6][2] In the early 1980s, Laird, then a graduate student at CMU, started rewriting Haunt in a newer version of OPS but never finished the port.[1] This unfinished version of the game was later recovered and made available on the net.[6][5]

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