Template:Dablink The KinslayerMUD is an online role playing game, and more specifically, a multi-user dungeon that is based on The Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. Players can pursue a multitude of paths, beginning their journey as a vicious trolloc, or a lowborn wetlander. KinslayerMUD includes several selectable class, races, statistics that can be chosen upon character creation, and player-run clans. KinslayerMUD has been up and running since autumn of 2002 and has been updated and maintained persistently by a dedicated staff, with new implementations coming out every few months.

Gameplay Edit

KinslayerMUD is primarily played through a text-based environment, with hundreds of commands at the player's disposal. This primitive interface allows for a vast amount of possibilities for a player to pursue, limited only by their imagination. Players are allowed to select between the Light and Shadow as their player's race, and sub-classes thereafter. Upon entering the game, the player is largely on their own to decide where to go next. There are no imperative quests in place to mold the player's path. Players may join any clan they wish, subject only to the clanmember's approval, which is largely run by these players themselves, and supported by the Staff. There also exist several hard-coded features to enhance the player's playing experience, including auction houses, automated raids, optional quests, shops, trades, and much more.

Races Edit

There are two selectable races for players to choose between upon character creation. Both are completely separate factions, with several barriers in place keeping both sides distinguished. The Shadow primarily roams the north, in the lands of the Great Blight, while the Light, primarily consisting of wetlanders, is privy to diversity, with the entirety of the wetlands at their disposal as they possess strongholds as far south as Illian, and as far north as Fal Dara. Each race has its own advantages. For example, Lightsiders are able to ride mounts and utilize more land for safe haven, while the average Shadow-aligned player posses more keen senses and statistical benefits.

The Light Edit

Widely considered the "starting" race because of the large quantity of safe havens and more friendly environments, the Lights-Side "race" offers players several paths for their journey. With dozens of clans and cities, the average human player has very few expectations placed upon them. Their primary strengths are mounts, higher intelligence statistics, better skill diversity, larger land masses, and diversity.

The Shadow Edit

With their primary stronghold deep within the Great Blight, the Shadow is burdened with a harsh environment. With more fierce NPC opponents, and sieges against strongholds being more frequent, safe havens are less common amongst the Shadow. The Shadow is recommended for experienced players due to the heavy PvP constraints due to low land mass. Fortunately, the Shadow benefits from better battle-oriented skills and statistical perks.

External links Edit

KinslayerMUD Home Page

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