Mirkwood is one of many Multi-User Dungeons games out there. The game system is based on killing things, like snails, and taking their money. Somehow you gain experience levels that way. Once you reach the highest level, you have the opportunity to complain that you have nothing to do, and when the slavedrivers (aka immortals) decide to help cure the boredom, you're not at the highest bestest level anymore. Which means no souped up, over-powered, godly clothing. The whole game is a big time waster but most folks don't seem to mind.

History Edit

Mirkwood first started when Snagglepuss started playing. Strangely, there were many other players who also played that day, and were of notable higher levels. Much to Snagglepuss's surprise, Mirkwood was actually invented by Tomasin many years prior to his arrival.

Snagglepuss still plays, much to the delight of the mortals who need a chewtoy. Alas, Mirkwood is still active since he does grace his people with his benevolent countenance.

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  • [1]: Official Homepage of Mirkwood Mud
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