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Quest for Magic is an adventure/role-playing video game or MUD for Major BBS and Worldgroup BBS software. It was among the earliest games developed for that system.


Quest for Magic was originally programmed by Scott Brinker (his first adventure game) and Tim Stryker in November 1986, and is based on the multi-player interactive game concepts originated Tim Stryker in games such as Fazuul.

The game was included as part of the Entertainment Edition of the Major BBS software, until it was later replaced with two other adventure games, Kyrandia and Fazuul.


The game is set in a classic fantasy world of magic and dragons. The player begins the game as an apprentice of an ancient wizard, who on his death bed set a quest to restore the lost magic to the world of Peyennuu. The magic has been stolen or destroyed from the world by the evil Duke of Drajorth, causing the world to erode from a prosperous paradise to a poverty-stricken wasteland. Armed initially with just two spells, the player enters the Dungeon of Drajorth to find the ancient lost magical incantations.

This is the first of a series of games set in Peyennuu, the following games being Quest of the Alchemists and Alchemy II: The Hangover.

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