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SvenskMud is a MUD entirely in Swedish created by Swedish-speaking people, and probably the world's first Swedish speaking MUD cite needed. It is based on LPMud 2.4.5, written by Lars Pensjö, was translated into Swedish by Linus Tolke in the summer of 1991 and opened on July 29 in the same year . SvenskMUD previously existed in computer club Lysator but is now being run by private companies with the support of the original creator Linus.

SvenskMUD original! run by Arch Mage Magnus. To play requires a membership on the Esplanade and approval by an administrator in the game.

SvenskMUD Act II, which opened in summer 2007, is a further development of SvenskMUD and more focused on role-playing. World in Act II is still developing the industrious author (or creator that they called in the game). Act II is free to play and requires no personal information of users.

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  • Http:// - SvenskMUD
  • Http:// - focal point for SvenskMUD Act II and Gryningstid
  • Http:// - SvenskMUD Original
  • Http:// - A community around SvenskMUD and now SvenskMUD Act II
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