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Wrota Czasu (The Gates of Time) is a Polish MUD, also known (previously) under the English name of TimeGate rooted in fantasy. Time gates opened for the first time in March 1997. Originally based on the code ROM 2.4, rebuilt and a modern code Dawn of Time 1.69q. To connect to the Gates of Time just any MUD client, client IRC or normal telnet, by means of which must be connected to the following address: metis.weia.po.opole . en 7000.


Gates of Time was founded at the beginning of 1997 by three curious Cygnus and Snacks TUL students: Terna, Vegas and Skaliego. Built to world of academia have been surprisingly well received by Polish players. Despite this, some time later, and Tern Scale gone and in their place appeared Amon and Brest. Together they decided to quit and remodeling muda based on the newly released code Dawn of Time 1.69q. September 1 2004 year completely transformed time gate was opened a second time. In early 2006, Technical University has decided to cease cooperation, in the meantime, there were a lot of castling in storage administrators. All this has resulted in bringing the game to the server Opole University of Technology, where she has a place to date.

The game world Edit

Unique game world set the Gates of Time is a typical world of magic and sword, but does not reflect the well-known fact in books such as Middle-earth and Forgotten Realms. It is divided into two main (and Delenth Valarin) and several smaller continents, which can be distinguished in the largest cities: Mekalie and Dzagari. Characters in that universe, players can be divided based on their race, profession, and attitudes carried out to the world. Gates of Time offers a choice of 17 different races, 9 classes, and two 7-step scale to reflect the attitude and relationship to other laws.

Development Edit

Despite adapting the code for the service of the Polish language (variety) and the continuous operation of those involved, the world Gate of Time is not yet fully spolszczony, but the degree of its translation can be described as "significant". But there deliberately kept the traditional (English-speaking) command system because of its supposed simplicity. Gates of Time are subject to continuous development. It offers players and those interested in the builder was given a complete toolbox that allows anyone to build new lands.

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