Wyvern is a 2-dimensional Graphical MUD/MMORPG game [1] which was released for public play on February 4, 2001 by creator Steve Yegge through his company Cabochon Inc.[2] Wyvern is a free game that was influenced by games such as Crossfire and NetHack.[3] Wyvern is available on all platforms through a pure Java version.

Once users have downloaded the stand-alone game client, they select a character from a collection of fantasy races. Users navigate through the game through a mixture of mouse-clicking and text-based commands. Players move throughout the lands of Wyvern, adventuring in areas that are created and modified by moderators known as Wizards.

In addition to allowing access to the game via a downloadable client for desktop users, Wyvern offers its users the ability to play the game with handheld devices.[4][5] In 2002, the game won the grand prize of $10,000 in the JPDA 2002 application developers contest, for the Java application which allows PDA users access to the game. It was stated that it won for its "originality and extra innovation" in comparison to the other applications submitted to the contest.[6]

The server has been down (and gameplay therefore suspended) since April 2011.[7]

In March 2012 the game's creator, Steve Yegge, responded to the question of "Are you going to bring Wyvern back?" with the answer: "Patience. I'm working on it."[8]


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